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Mini Cake Treats Covered In Delicious Dark Chocolate ⬇️ FULL RECIPE BELOW ⬇️ Everybody loves cake, and we're no exception. But the big problem with baking a whole cake yourself when there's not many parties to go to is that you're inevitably left with a lot of cake and no one to share it with! Maybe you're better at portion control than we are (or you have a very hungry family), but we decided to get rid of that problem by making some mini cake treats! Though they might look like the beloved Rice Krispie treats, these little guys are made with yellow cake, held together with a tasty buttercream, and covered in delicious dark chocolate. Try them out! 📌 Bookmark Article:➡️ Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for a first-hand look at all our best recipes and cooking hacks:******************************************************You'll Need (for 10):For the dough:- ¼ stick butter, room temperature - ½ cup sugar - 2 eggs - ½ tsp baking soda - ½ tbsp vinegar - 2 cups flour - 1¼ cups flour (to mix in after freezing)For the buttercream:- ¾ stick butter, softened - ¾ cup sweetened condensed milk - 1 tbsp honey - 1 tbsp melted white chocolateExtra:- 2 dark chocolate bars, melted - shot glassHere's How:1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Combine the ingredients for the dough and knead them together. Divide the dough in half, wrap it in plastic wrap, and freeze it for 1 hour, Afterwards, grate the frozen dough into small shreds and mix them together with the rest of the flour. Sieve this mixture well so that only pieces covered in flour remain. Spread these pieces on a baking tray lined with parchment paper, bake for 10 minutes until golden brown, and let cool.2. Combine all the ingredients for the buttercream and mix it with the dough shreds.3. Rinse a shot glass with water, press the dough mixture into the glass until it's tightly packed, turn the glass over onto the baking tray, and gently remove the dough. Repeat with the rest of the dough mixture.4. Refrigerate the dough mountains for 30 minutes before decorating with melted dark chocolate. It's best to let the chocolate set completely before serving, so feel free to refrigerate your treats to speed up the process.There's nothing better than a fresh brewed cup of coffee and one of these delicious chocolate-covered, doughy, buttercream sweets. Turn this dream into a reality and start making this delicious dessert! Get the recipe for the Ferrero Rocher Cake Pops featured in the bonus video:******************************************************Do you want to see more content like this? Scrumdiddlyumptious brings you unique recipes & cooking hacks every day, so be sure to subscribe, like, and follow us for a first-hand look at new videos that you can share with your family & friends!💚 YouTube: 💚 Facebook: 💚 Instagram: 💚 Pinterest: 💚 Website:******************************************************

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